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good morning. breaking news -- iran says it's ready to release one of the three american hikers jailed there for more than a year. but there's a condition. the latest on when she might be coming home. burning issue, on a day of remembrance, protests in the streets of new york not far from ground zero. how a somber d of reflection turned political, fast. and are they setting a date? william, kate, and the olympics? reports from london this morning of what could be a very big summer for the royal family, today, sunday, september 12th, summer for the royal family, today, sunday, september 12th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television from nbc news, this is "today" with lester holt and jenna wolfe. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm jen ya wolfe. >> i'm carl quint nel la.
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lester has the day off. another about face from iran on the fate of american hiker held on espionage charges more than a year. >> a senior iranian prosecutor says a $500,000 bail has been set for american sarah shourd for her conditional release. we're going to bring you the very latest on that story in a few minutes. >> then to san bruno, california, where investigators remain on the scene of thursday's deadly gas explosion. some news this morning the death toll has risen, as search crews continue to look for those missing and those unaccountable for. >> and then on a lighter note we're going to switch gears literally and talk milwaukee iron. it's been a staple in wisconsin for more than 100 years and now the iconic motorcycle machine harley-davidson might be moving on amid a labor dispute. we'll find out if the city's iconic days are numbered. we'll talk about oprah's big farewell, her 25th and final season kicks off this week. the queen of daytime is promising a good-bye to
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remember. we'll take a look at what's made oprah so successful and get a sneak peek at what she has in store for fans, what have you been saying all morning? >> all morning. what's my favorite line? >> yes. >> you get a car, and you get a car! >> she might be saying that. >> guess who won't get a car by the time the show ends, we probably won't get a car. we will start with more on that developing story out of iran involving those detained american hikers. nbc's ali arouzi is in london. what's the latest? >> that's right. sarah shourd in another aboutface from iran said they're going to release her on $500,000 bail according to tehran's prosecutor abbas jafari dolatabadi. he said the conditions of her bail don't bar her from leaving the country, her case still has to go to trial along with the other two americans still in custody in iran. it's not unusual for the iran n iranians to put this much bail on cases. we've had other iranian-americans that have been arrested in iran and given bail
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of 3, 4, $500,000, or they've had to leave the deeds to their homes with the prosecutor's office and if they don't come back to court, then they've lost all the money or the deeds to their homes. >> ali, while all the confusion? on friday the iranian said they would release the hiker and now the new announcement. why has this become a back and forth yords deal. >> the judiciary appeared to use the release to flex its muscles, which highlights the deep rift in iran ejen amongst the conservatives. on friday the foreign ministry announced plans for her to be released on saturday, with the result of ahmadinejad's personal intervention and reflected his special viewpoint of this islamic republic of iran on the dignity of women. hours later the judiciary suddenly called off the whole release which was a very embarrassing rebuke to ahmadinejad.
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like i said, this really highlights these deep rifts and this struggle for the balance of power in iran right now. >> all right. nbc's ali arouzi, thank you very much. and now here's carl. >> jenna, thanks. as the nation remembers the september 11th attacks on saturday protesters took to the streets, tongurning the day's m from reflection to outrage. mike taibbi has the story. >> reporter: they are by now familiar remembrance. >> adam -- >> reporter: the pause of the moments when the planes struck and the towers fell. the bells, the reading of the names of those lost. >> james joseph carson, jr. >> christopher carston. >> reporter: vice president joe biden was at new york's ground zero. >> a privilege. >> reporter: first lady michele obama and former first lady laura bush in shanksville, pennsylvania, and president obama at the pentagon. >> this is a day to remember, a
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day of reflection, and with god's grace, a day of unity and renewal. >> reporter: earlier, florida pastor terry jones, whose threat to burn korans by day's end might have overwhelmed any sense of unity and renewal said on the "today" show he was withdrawing that threat for good. >> we will definitely not burn the koran, no. >> reporter: but the day was not without other reminder beyond the diffused koran burning threat over the polar rised debate over islam, dueling protests one against the proposed islamic cultural center and mosque two and a half blocks from ground zero and the other sentiment fueling that opposition. the two groups were not only separated by their views of islam and the cultural center but also by several blocks. a good thing because tensions around the issue are high and led to several near scuffles. while speakers among the mosque opponents attacked the force
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behind the proposed islamic cultural center as a terrorist sympathizer who predicts trouble if his plan is derailed. >> americans do not like to be threatened. >> reporter: if the alleged threat is only imagined and temperatures cool, whatever the fate of the islamic center, some say there might finally be a useful national conversation about islam. >> i did see a positive outcome. one is the conversation was never really had and i think it's been a long time coming. >> reporter: in the course of that conversation the best legacy of 9/11 is enhanced. >> it's a way to say to the world, we have never walked away from our democratic roots. >> reporter: roots that through our history has sent the bright light of hope to all that could see it. for "today," mike teyby, nbc news, new york. president obama called for unity and appealed for religious tolerance on saturday, echoing a message he's been trying to convey all week. joining us with more david gregory, moderator of "meet the press." good morning. >> good morning.
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>> the president said in that speech in d.c. yesterday, he said, quote, we are not and never will be at war with islam. again, a message he's been trying to convey all week. what kind of impact is that going to have? >> well, i think it has a big impact. i think the president at the end of the week was able successfully to weigh into this controversy about this florida pastor, get him to stand down, the koran will not be burned, and what would have been, you know, a small group of hate mungers but nevertheless the fear was it could have wider international implications. i think it is striking nine years later, that our leaders are confronted with anti-muslim sentiment in the country as a primary legacy of 9/11, yes, the war on terror is still being fought in a robust way around the world, yet even the president on friday made the point of saying it can not dominate america's foreign policy in the way it has over the past decade. >> david, reverend terry jones said yesterday on the show here, he will not burn korans not this weekend, not any time in the future, but has the damage already been done, both here and potentially abroad as well?
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>> i don't know that it has. i mean i think it's been, you know, a big story here and the issue of anti-muslim sentiment is one that as americans we have to confront, that our leadership has to confront, and we are doing that in a very, you know, at a very set of ways, both here and what's happening overseas. i think the real concern was the image that could have come from those threats of the burn butting of the holy koran. that's something the administration felt would have had a direct impact on our troops fighting in places like afghanistan. >> let's talk about what the white house's role is here. terry jones came here to potentially meet with the imam, as far as we know there has been no meeting that's been set as of yet. is it the white house's responsibility to facilitate a meeting between the two at any point? >> i can't see any reason why there should be a meeting between the two. i think one doesn't have anything to do with the other. i mean, it can be sort of conflated neatly. i don't see why pastor jones has
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any sort of for rum or platform worthy of discussion. you know, he seems rather ignorant about what his complaints about islam are. i don't think that's where the discourse ought to be. if there's going to be discourse it would seem to me it would make sense it happens in new york, as a community that's dealing with what should go where and how that should move forward. i don't think the pastor has any role in that and i don't think the white house wants to broker anything. >> the country has been so focused on this issue and the mosque as well, the president's economic issue has been overlooked. the same thing this summer the economic message gets overlooked because of everything happening in the gulf right now. how much trouble is the president's domestic agenda in given the mid-terms are around the corner? >> i think it's in significant trouble. it may be overshad dodd in terms of how much attention we're paying to it on the airwaves but i think the economy looms so large. look at that story in "the new york times" today about more and more families having to go into homeless shelters. poverty is real in this country. the effects of this recession
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and the housing crisis are real. it is affecting familying and it's not just the poor that we think about or don't think about on a daily basis who are part of a permanent underclass. it is what's happening to people who just simply can't hang on anymore, can't hang on to their jobs and can't make the mortgage. as a political reality and an economic reality, they are stark for the president and it's something he's going to have to confront every day or there's going to be a change in power in washington because americans want some different answers, even if there are limits to what the federal government can do. >> i want to switch gears real quick here david, white house chief of staff rahm emanuel is polling voters to see if a run could be for his future. what kind of impact could that have on the white house if he did leave? >> he's preparing to leave and would probably leave some time after the mid-term, early next year or by next spring. everyone knows he wants to be mayor of chicago. i've spoken to senior democrats
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in chicago who say it's not a slam dunk for rahm emanuel, he may in some ways be hurt by his washington status as he's gone farther away from chicago. nevertheless he'll test those waters. i think he has the president's blessing. i think the white house will go through changes anyway after the mid-term election and i think that, you know, the chief of staff leaving was something that would not be unforeseen in any event. >> david gregory, as always, thank you. >> thanks. want to get a check of the rest of the morning's headlines from lynn berry at the news desk. good morning, lynn. >> good morning, carl and jenna and all of you. we begin with secretary of state hillary clinton, set to resume middle east peace talks this week. clinton will head to egypt for the tuesday talks, saying this may be the last chance for peace between the israelis and palestinians. the most immediate obstacle for negotiators is a palestinian demand that israel extend a moratorium on new housing in the west bank. and now to chile where there has been a setback in the massive effort to rescue 33 miners trapped.
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a huge drill head broke off inside the mountain. a third more powerful drill is on its way, but it could be ten days before work resumes. there is good news for the men, they're now allowed to smoke since ventilation has improved. back in the u.s., arizona health officials say six people have died from the west nile virus. more than 80 human cases have been confirmed. most of the people who died were over 60 years old. at the u.s. open, belgium's kim clijsters wins her second consecutive title saturday beating vera zvonareva in under an hour and in the men's semis, a shocker as serbia's know jack djokovic upset roger federer. that was an incredible match. he's going to face raphael nadal in today's final. pete rose makes a return to the diamond. rose was honored saturday, 25 years after he broke
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good morning. we've had some showers roll through this morning east of the district. we are left with just cloudy skies. take a look at digital doppler out over the delmarva. 64. good morning, hagerstown. 61. 66 in culpepper. today warrenton will work on 73, along with d.c. and frederick. maybe a leftover shower for st. mary city. most of the rain has come to an end. now back to new york city. jenna. >> still to come, the roar that made milwaukee famous but now
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and to strengthen kids' teeth 99% better than brushing alone, get listerine® smart rinse™. investigators from the national transportation safety board remain on the scene in san bruno, california, the site of the devastating gas rupture and the death toll is climbing this weekend. miguel almaguer joins with the latest. miguel, good morning. >> good morning. the official death toll is now seven and some six people are still missing, their fate uncertain. it's been three days since the blast and investigators are still tallying the damage. as investigators return to the blast site, with the 30-inch gas line ruptured thursday, search teams continue to look for the missing. many fear that those still unaccounted for, are buried in the debris field. >> i do not have the number of additional victims. we will report that once that has been confirmed. >> reporter: 20-year-old jessica more ralless was killed during
8:18 am
the blast. >> full of life, nice attitude, great personality, always a smile on her face. >> reporter: she was at her boyfriend's home during the explosion. he suz seriously injured trying to rescue her. >> when i saw her name on the news and her picture last night, that was it. i started crying and my friend called me and jessica's boyfriend's cousin called me about it and we were both crying on the phone. >> reporter: thursday hee gas fd fireball started a chain reaction of explosions and destroyed nearly 40 homes. fire jumped house to house wiping out several square blocks before crews could contain the damage. >> we have some information for you today. >> reporter: at a community meeting saturday afternoon, hundreds packed a local church looking for answers. some evacuees were told they'll be able to return to their homes later today. many unsure what they'll find. >> my kids are safe, we're okay,
8:19 am
so i was just ready to let go of all of this stuff. memories will always be there, but you know, our lives cannot be replaced. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board is leading the investigation, and says it could take nearly a year for an official report. >> that's where the main explosion took place. >> reporter: state leaders have promised a congressional hearing, hoping to ease the fear of those who are able to return home later today. the local power company that operates the gas line that ruptured, pg&e, says they are inspecting the three major transmission lines in the area. they say if they are at fault they will take full responsibility. in a tragic coincidence, one woman that died in the blast with her 13-year-old daughter, worked for the state agency that regulates pg&e. carl? >> nbc's miguel almaguer, thank you for that. still to come on a sunday edition of "today," new royal wedding predictions. when will prince william marry kate middleton? if true it could be a big run up to the olympics.
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still to come on "today" get your motor running. an icon of milwaukee could be leaving wisconsin in the dust. that story coming up. plus, oprah's final season kicks off. what can we expect of the queen of daytime says good-bye. we'll find out. but first, these messages. disrespecting lunch. and it's time someone did something about it. no need to be nervous. we're here to help. these are healthy choice fresh mixers and marie callender's homestyle creations. these guys actually allow you to prepare meals fresh. think of them as the lunchbox of the future. that's the sound of fresh taste. the noodles are separate from the sauce, but they desperately want to become friends.
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good morning. it's 8:26 on this sunday, september 12th. in the news for today, baltimore police have issued an alert for an escaped inmate who could be in the washington area. police say paul palmer faked a medical emergency while officers were taking him to jampt he's charged with attempted murder in a stabbing last month. he could be traveling with a wolf in a silver 2008 kia spectra, 1 ewb 10. if you see him or know anything about this case, you're urged to call 911. skins fans, the day has finally come. they open their season tonight at home against their arch rivals, the dallas cowboys. regular season game for the new head coach mike shannon and starting quarterback donovan mcnabb. fans will get to see new updates to the stadium, including two
8:27 am
new hd video boards. >> to help fans get home after the game, metro will stay open later. the system will shut down at 1:00 a.m. they are putting more trains in service to help the larger crowds. if you can't make it out to the game at fedex field, you can catch all the action right here on nbc 4. coverage starts at 8:15 tonight. we have your forecast coming up next. stay with us.
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8:29 am
rain this morning pushed off to the east. thanks for joining us for this weather cut-in. we could still have a stray shower. but by and large the heavier stuff is east of us. lots of 60s. winchester, 63 degrees. look ahead and you'll see showers by 9:00. venture into the 70s this afternoon. 3:00 and 6:00. if you are going to be tailgating i think most of the time should be dry. isolated shower. certainly dry at game time. nats playing at 1:35. cloudy skies and temperatures in the upper 60s. >> thanks, kim. a full hour of local news, weather, and sports at 9:00. back to the "today" show. enjoy the rest of your morning, everybody.
8:30 am
we're back on this sunday morning. september 12th, 2010. outside on the plaza i'm jenna wolf with carl quintanilla filling in for lester this morning. and doing a mighty fine job. >> thank you, as always. >> so nice to be standing next to you as well. coming up, new details emerging about the royal wedding of prince william and kate middleton. they've said a couple dates but this might be the date and the olympics, who knows. >> 2012, we'll see. an icon in wisconsin may be moving on. for more than 100 years, harley-davidson has set up shop in milwaukee, but the company might move production to another state if this labor dispute isn't settled. a lot of jobs hanging in the balance with the sti's pride. not sure if you know this, but this week kicks off oprah's last season. what is the queen of daytime have in store for fans. a sneak peek, take a look back at the highlights of oprah's
8:31 am
reign. you're an oprah fan? >> of course. as are you. i know i've learned this about you in the past -- >> you know why? >> because you like the cars. >> you get a car. tony dungy, you get a car. >> if you're just waking up and about to reach for the box of is cereal, might want to hold off for a moment. you could be loading up on a lot of sugar instead of the much hyped nutrients. david is going to be here with another great segment of eat this, not that. >> but they taste go. >> they do taste good. >> but -- >> lucky charles girl? no. >> cocoa crispy. >> card board and dirt kind of breakfast cereal girl. theful in nfl is kicking off a back to football campaign. giving us a preview is sports analyst and former coach and new he has a car, tony dungy. thanks for being here. >> great to be here. >> season opener was the best, most watched regular season game on nbc ever. there's a lot of juice about
8:32 am
this season, isn't there? >> there is. being around the country, when are you getting back to football, there is a lot of excitement. >> when you look at the match-ups this season, people are talking packers, dallas, redskins, which teams look interesting to you? >> we have a great one tonight, actually. washington hosting dallas, and dallas is a team i'm picking to go to the super bowl from the nfc so i want to see how they respond tonight on the road in a tough place to play in washington. >> just to make yourself look more genius this season, [ inaudible ]. >> i was saying, indianapolis people are going to say it's a hometown pick but i like the colts. i think they're a well rounded team. >> we should mention you have a book coming out, you managed to squish all your football into yawn book. >> it's called "the mental leader" about my experiences of leading a football team and applying it to other walks of life. >> good to see you, coach. >> thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> good luck this season. and now let's get another check of the weather from scott
8:33 am
williams. hey, scott. >> good morning, jenna. certainly we have an active crowd here this morning. we have three sisters from three states. tell us your names. >> sharon. >> mary ann. and good morning. i'm meteorologist kim martucci. our weather this morning has some showers, but they're pretty much pushing off to the east. you can see them out over the delmarva. that's where the beach weather will be soggy. we might have a stray shower. other than that, temperatures slow to climb. 63 at manassas.
8:34 am
by this afternoon we should venture into the middle 70s if we're lucky. if anybody sees showers it and, of course, you can get your weather 24 hours a day, just go to and also you know it is football sunday, so we are talking about our game of the week, as we head into fedex field, the dallas cowboys taking on the washington redskins. as far as the weather, it looks like we'll see some nice conditions. the rain should move out. temperatures will generally be in the 60s. football night begins at 7:00 p.m. on nbc. carl? >> scott, thanks. will prince william soon end the marathon wedding wait with long-time girlfriend kate middleton. news of the world is reporting a 2012 wedding is in the works. robert jobson the royal editor for "news of the world" and broke this morning's story. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> sounds like 2012 is going to
8:35 am
be a pretty interesting year for the city of london. it's the year of the olympics, the year of the queen's diamond jubilee, prince william turns 30. how much do we believe this date and how much do you think those outside factors influence this decision? >> well, i totally believe. i spoke to a source of mine that gave me the story the right correct date of charles and camilla's wedding, which won me the scoop of the year over here, so yes, i believe it. i think there's good thinking behind it. obviously at the moment william and kate are very happy living a private life, living together effectively in north wales and gives them a degree of privacy. what this will do, obviously the queen and the powers over here, realizing the whole world will be watching in 2012, and it's a perfect opportunity to bring all the attention on london and the uk. >> obviously a lot of rumors swirling about the two of them. they've been together for eight years, they've already split up twice. is there any feeling, the
8:36 am
approval apparently goes straight to the top, right? we think the queen has signed off on this? >> well, my sources close to the queen and the reality is the queen understands that there's a difference between being your personal life and your private -- your public life and prince william one day will be king and things have to be dovetailed. this is a perfect opportunity for everyone to be looking at the uk, a royal wedding will get the whole world watching us and also it will focus on not only the olympics but the diamond jubilee, the 60 years of the queen on the throne as well. >> the approval for this, we mentioned it goes straight to the top. is there a sense that this wedding will be a big bash the way princess diana, william's mother had, or is this going to be an intimate, private affair? >> my understanding is that neither the queen nor prim want a big event. there's talk of where diana had her funeral but they want to do a similar wedding to that of
8:37 am
charles and camilla at sir george's chapel in windsore. that way they can control it, within the confines of windsor chapel but you get all the global television watching that event. >> he graduates as a member of the royal air force search and rescue. if he does not marry by the time he's 30, do you think he'll be frowned upon? >> actually i don't. i do think that wihat will happn here, he's found his modern princess and they've been allowed to live together in this way because there's not the same pressures on william as perhaps there was on prince charles. clearly in kate i think he has got the perfect princess, somebody who fits the bill, and at the moment is best for them if they're not public property. as soon as they're married what will happen, of course, is the whole world will be watching them. at the moment they're allowed to live effectively as man and wife without having all the publicity. it's a question of timing. >> robert jobson, thank you very much for that. when we come up after a
8:38 am
break, the queen of daytime, oprah's hyped farewell season kicks off monday. what can we expect? we'll find out right after these messages. ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ oh, do it ♪ oh, do it ♪ ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] coffee is like life. it's better when you add your flavor. now try new honey vanilla creme. coffee-mate. from nestle. [ air whooshing ] [ crunch! ] [ male announcer ] 11 grams of delicious whole grain. one mighty toasted crunch. new wheat thins crunch stix. the crunch is calling. it's pretty cool. [ woman ] you just feed your check in. feed the money right in. no deposit slips. no looking for an envelope.
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they get 20 free books! go to and help us make classrooms sunnier. the 25th season of oprah kicks off on monday, marking a final season of winfrey's much celebrated syndicated broadcast. the show is promising lots of surprises and based on oprah ace reign as daytime talk show queen she's guaranteed to deliver. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome oprah. >> reporter: oprah winfrey plans to make this good-bye one to remember. her show's farewell season is being billed as like no other. >> we are going to knock your socks off. >> reporter: the first week is going to be primarily a celebration and a lot of musical performances, a lot of celebrity guests and giveaways for the audience members. >> reporter: for 25 years the oprah winfrey show has delivered a mix of self-help, spirituality and confession to a mostly female audience. its host letting viewers into
8:41 am
her life. >> i have lost 67 pounds. >> reporter: even as she guided them through theirs. >> so many other people have come and gone in this same format, and it's all about the woman at the center and the fact that everybody wants to be her best friend. >> reporter: fans will likely remember the famous interviews, the show's more iconic moments. >> one, two, three. >> you get a car! >> reporter: and her more serious commitment to humanitarian efforts. the talk show queen and self-made billionaire, her estimated net worth $2.4 billion, she's one of the country's most influential women. it's the so-called oprah effect that has made books into best sellers. >> it's called "the measure of a man." >> reporter: and launched a string of successful spinoff shows. it was that kind of influence the obama campaign was looking for in the 2008 presidential campaign. >> we need politicians who know how to tell the truth. >> reporter: but even as oprah
8:42 am
winds down her show she will be expanding her media empire with the oprah winfrey network. oprah calls her new network a channel of self-discovery, so it's going to be motivational shows, inspirational shows, family-oriented shows and the way she sees it she's going to make our lives better by giving us better content. >> reporter: changing lives through television. oprah style. here with more on oprah's last season and the next chapter in her life is eileen, senior writer for "tv guide" magazine. good morning. >> good morning. >> you got an exclusive 45-minute phone chat with oprah winfrey with even if she said nothing but breathe for 45 minutes, would be pretty cool. >> she was very generous with her time. she was lovely, she was friendly. she said some very interesting things. she opened up a bit. i mean that's her -- that's what she does, she opens up. >> for people that don't know, she loves the show and loves what she does for a living. she said, quote, i didn't have
8:43 am
children, i had the show. that sums up how important this really was for her. how does she feel about saying good-bye to the last 25 years of her career? >> she said she's going to try not to cry. >> do you believe her? >> no, she's going to cry. when she thinks about her audience that's what makes her cry. she's very attached to her viewers. she calls them -- she doesn't like to say fans. she says they're her ultimate viewers. >> okay. >> she wants to make this year about ultimate viewers. >> they are who made her who she is. >> exactly. >> the final season premiers tomorrow, top secret show. she has a lot of secrets on the show. also, this week, some other names winona judd, the woman who got acid dumped on her face, the book club is coming out again. does she give you any insight? she's trying to keep it under wraps. any insight of any surprises we might see? >> we will have john travolta and i think she's going to have every celebrity she's had on the show certainly tom cruise, i'm sure that president obama will show up in some way.
8:44 am
she's going to go back and revisit the social issues that were so important to her, so when she went to west virginia many years ago, they shunned a young man with aids, she's going back there to see how they feel now. >> okay. >> she's going back to forsythe county, georgia, all white when she was there a couple decades ago and used the "n" word with her to her, and now the guy who was so racist at that point, is going to take her around and show her how forsythe county, georgia, has changed. >> what i like about what she's doing, she says she is going to go back and revisit a lot of these places and touch upon the stories but the celebrities, she doesn't want anyone to promote their work. she wants them to come and talk about themselves or have -- >> she told us she wants to put unlikely celebrities together, so some magic might be created. >> really? >> yes. that's what she's hoeng for. >> i know she's not a big fan of surprises but did she say she's -- she will be willing to at least be surprised once or twice this last season?
8:45 am
>> because the big surprise that made her cry and she was so embarrassed was when mary tyler moore came on. >> right. >> after that she said no surprises. she was surprised last year with the -- >> the black eyed peas. >> concert and she almost killed her staff but she forgave them and said she may have to lift that ban. >> the woman has so much money she doesn't know where else to spend it, she has a phenomenal career, why not retire? why does she want to keep working? she's now starting the o network. >> whenever she thinks about retiring, she told people ten years ago, five years ago, she might retire, stedman, gayle king, they laugh and say six months you will be tearing your hair out, you will be so bored, you need to work, you need to do something productive. oprah said what's most important is that her life has meaning for other people. >> real quick, can anyone fill her shoes? >> no. >> really? >> no. >> i'm sitting right in front of you. >> it's not just talent.
8:46 am
it's because the daytime landscape has changed so much. >> right. eileen rudolph, thank you for your insight. look forward to reading that. here's carl. >> jenna, thanks. after more than 100 years an icon of milwaukee could be on it ways out. harley-davidson may take motorcycle production out of wisconsin if workers vote no to a proposed agreement between their leaders and the company. more than a thousand jobs hang in the balance, along with the city's civic pride. ♪ ♪ got to love this american ride ♪ >> reporter: as the milwaukee rally shifts into high gear, emotions are running high too. >> harley moves out of milwaukee, i will not ride anymore. i would sell my harley. >> reporter: that would be devastating. they come from all over the country to see where milwaukee iron is made. >> it's always been here. why change that? >> reporter: the company told workers it will move production out of milwaukee if it can't cut
8:47 am
millions of dollars in labor costs. harley says the proposed agreement will allow them to be more flexible and responding to economic changes. >> what i'm seeing offered is reasonable. in effect, we've been told accept this or you won't be working in milwaukee anymore for harley-davidson. >> reporter: some workers made their feelings known by posting for sale signs on their beloved hogs. >> 40 years at the company and to have this happen, it really hurts. >> reporter: the city takes pride in making the engines that drive america's heavy metal. the corporate headquarters and museum would remain here, but hotel owner tim dickson, says the city wouldn't be the same. >> it's kind of the authenticity of the experience. and that will be lost. >> reporter: that experience began in 1903, when one harley and three davidson brothers started selling motorcycles out of a cramped wooden shed in their backyard. harley built bikes for both world wars, cementing their image as an american icon.
8:48 am
then, there was this image. peter fonda as anti-hero, roaring on to the big screen in "easy rider." harley and beer put this city on the map. they've already lost slitz, the beer that made milwaukee famous and pabst. >> i think there would be some of the same feeling milwaukee had when the breweries closed and looking around and saying who are we? >> reporter: milwaukee has staked who they are on their proud working class history. >> we have roughly half of the manufacturing jobs today that we had back in 1979. >> reporter: harley dealer john shaler says if left with just a museum you lose the personal connection. everybody knows somebody who works at harley. >> guys come in and they'll say, well, i make that part and that part and that part on that bike and they're proud of it. >> reporter: even the mayor has been known to ride. >> my first job out of college was working on the line at harley-davidson. >> this is not pennsylvania iron, this is not kansas city iron, this is milwaukee iron.
8:49 am
>> reporter: obviously that would be a big loss for the city of milwaukee which we were talking about, has such a history, we were thinking the theme it to "lavern and shirley." >> if we sing it out loud it would be stuck in people's heads. musclers, with the harley, that's my only concern. love the cycle, love it, you can hear that thing coming from 18 miles away. >> you got that right. incredible engine. just ahead, what you need to know before you walk down that cereal aisles right after these messages. ♪ rice krispies and corn but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal...
8:50 am
until we make this right. [ smack! ] [ smack! smack! smack! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum ta tum tum tums
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♪ this morning on eat this, not that, cereal, popular break
8:52 am
fast go-to food that's quick and easy but if you're not careful you could be starting off with more calories and sugar than you thing. here to enlighten us is david author of eat this not that, dave, good morning. >> jenna, great to see you. >> thanks for being with us. >> what's wrong with having dessert for breakfast? >> cereal can be really healthy, your number one weight loss weapon. >> okay. >> but food companies have turned innocent contrary yals into cereal killers. they've loaded them up with sugar, fat. >> so kids will want to buy them. >> because food companies love to win over kids by getting them addicted to sugar at a young age. but if you make smart swaps with eat this not that, you can lose a ton of pounds. >> chocolate chex, seems like a decent sugar, no. >> if you need your chocolate fix, the issue here is that you're getting like 175 calories, you're getting a lot of sugar, if you make one smart
8:53 am
swap, if you insist on starting your morning with something that seems like ben and jerry's created it, then what you want to do is get something like cookie crisp. it has less than half the fat and you're saving 40 or 45 calories. doesn't seem like a lot, but over the course of the year, boom, five pounds gone. >> really? just from that swap. >> yep. >> next up, i was reading this, raisin bran, raisin bran, you're like, i'm in the money. i'm doing so many things right. >> total health food. they're not raisin bran, they're racing kaine like in sugar. take three or four and coat the raisins and bran with these sparkly sugar jackets like california raisins meets the cast of "glee" and if you instead go buy your all bran from kellogg's. >> tell me to put my own raisins in it. >> add your own raisins and that will over the course of a year end up meaning five pounds gone. >> we've lost ten pounds from these two cereals.
8:54 am
golden crisps we think if it has a little honey it's better than sugar. these have honey but you said it's a lot. >> here they're marketing with this bear, bears, dangerous in the woods and in supermarket aisles. what you've got right here is this bear that's causing an extra 12 grams of sugar right there. so -- >> easy swap. >> the honey comb, go with the po post's honey comb, at 85 calories and end up losing again six or seven pounds in the course of a year. >> and better theme song. ♪ honey combs big yeah, yeah yeah ♪ >> you know all the tunes. >> we have a minute. i want to get to this. this is the most deceptive things on this table. it's granola. when i read this i almost -- 400 calories, 30 grams of sugar. >> the peaceful quakers have invented this weapon of mass inflation here. they make you believe it is a health food. it has 420 calories per cup. >> totally decrepetive.
8:55 am
>> third of your day's worth of saturated fat. sugar equivalent of 2 1/2 chocolate frosted doughnuts. if you go with oatmeal squares you won't turn round and save 210 calories. >> that's a lot, 210 calories. >> that's 21 pounds a year with this one daily swap. so you want to really -- don't make these decisions with your eyes closed because this can be a really great weight loss weapon. >> if you save everything you're doing here and take your choices instead of these choices, you could probably save about a thousand pounds a year. >> david, thank you so much. as always, wonderful information. i have a bowl of cereal i need to eat. we will be right back after these messages. long summer days, and not enough sleep. what i wouldn't do for a do-over. [ female announcer ] new neutrogena® clinical skincare. exclusive ion2 complex combined with activating cream helps restore collagen depleted skin. neutrogena clinical skincare is clinically tested to undo the look of a year's worth of skin aging in just 4 weeks.
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8:58 am
what's coming up on "meet the press." we send it down to david gregory. hey, david, again. >> hey, jenna. coming up, have americans lost faith in the president and his party to dig out of the recession. joining me our guests, senior white house adviser david axelrod and nine years after 9/11 controversy sparks a new wave of antimuslim sentiment in america. i will speak with former mayor rudy giuliani. plus our round table on the hot races this fall all coming up on "meet the press." >> thank you. our thanks to scott williams and lin berry and carl can't nia. i would be remiss if i didn't say happy birthday to 25 years old marcia, she has been asking us all show long. there you go. give me a kiss. thank you very much. that's going to do it for us. have great day.
8:59 am
>> an enduring image of 9/11. where the trade center once stood. good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 today. it is sunday, september 12th. it is a soggy day out there. first, a quick check of the forecast. meteorologist kim martucci joins us now. >> it looks like things are winding down. patchy drizzle out there. nothing super heavy. looks like it shouldn't be too wet. here's the clouds, though. pretty thick outside. 8:59. 65 degrees now at reagan national. a little bit of drizzle. humidity, 90%. here's a look at how it looks on the radar. delmarva, beaches, that's where the heaviest, steadiest rain is.

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